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What is Cochlear and how Cochlear is done ?

Cochlear implants are small and electronic devices, surgically implanted, to restore complete hearing in people who have severe hearing loss and are no longer helped by using hearing aids. Cochlear Hearing Implants are a great way to improve communication and quality of life.

Whereas hearing aids just amplify sound, cochlear implant surgery eludes damaged portions inside the ear to deliver sound signals to the receiver implanted under the skin behind the ear to stimulate the auditory nerve. This stimulation further sends signals to the brain as sounds.

With the regular usage of cochlear implants, improvement in hearing without the need for visual cues is witnessed.


Meet Dr. Rakesh

Dr RAKESH GODAVARTHI is an experienced cochlear implant surgeon under whom you can get a Cochlear Implant Assessment and cochlear implant Surgery done.

Q. Who performs Cochlear Implant?

      A.Cochlear Implant doctor performs Cochlear Implant surgery.

Q. Is a cochlear implant cost estimate available?


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